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February 26, 2017

Upcoming Events
Executive Board Meeting
Feb 28, 2017
Local 100 hall.
General Membership Meeting
Mar 14, 2017
Fresno JATC school building
Executive Board Meeting
Mar 28, 2017
Local 100 hall.
General Membership Meeting
Apr 11, 2017
Fresno JATC school building
Executive Board Meeting
Apr 25, 2017
Local 100 hall.
Amber Biondich's Lung Disease

One of our Local 100 brothers, Ryan Biondich, has been taking care of his sick wife and has been out of work since early December. His wife, Amber, is in need of a lung transplant. The cost of the procedure, mounting medical bills and their month to month bills have them drowning in debt. Please consider donating to this family in their time of need.

Dispatch Halls

We have two locations that we dispatch out of for the convenience of members, Fresno and Visalia. Our main Fresno Hall is at 5410 E. Home, Fresno, CA 93727. Visalia Dispatch will be held at 3200 S. Fairway Suite C. It's on the corner of Dorothea and Fairway. All first time dispatches MUST be from our main office in Fresno.

AT&T Wireless Discount

Did you know you can get a 15% discount off of your AT&T Wireless bill? AT&T is a union company and they want YOU to get a discount! There is a form in this article to fill out and fax in. Along with this form you also fax them a copy of your IBEW membership card and a current dues receipt. Read full article.
Download: ATT_union_verification_form_2.pdf

Health and Welfare transition

The transition to the Family Medical Care Plan occured on January 1st, and we have had relatively few issues. Of the few problems that did occur, all have been resolved with just a phone call or two. The first place to call is the FMCP administrators at (877) 937-9602. If they can't solve the issue, then call your Business Manager, Ronny Jungk, at 251-8241.


Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System (ERTS) For those of you traveling it is very important you get yourself registered into the ERTS system. If you don't get registered your benefits will not get transfered over to your Local 100 benefit accounts properly. Call the office and get registered right away.

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